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Welcome to ACME School of Aeronautics!

Acme School of Aeronautics has ground study and flight training programs to train you for a career as a pilot.

Our Flight and Ground Instructor will make sure that you reach your ACME in aviation. We want you to succeed in achieving your aviation goals. Whether you're looking to get your commercial, private pilot, multi engine or instrument certifications, we have a program to meet your needs, including flexible scheduling, and reasonable rates.

We provide aviation radio communication training as per ICAO/ USA standard. Radio communications are critical link in the Air Traffic Control system. The link can be a strong bond between pilot and controller or it can be broken with surprises. Proper radio communication is very important for the safety of the flight. Many student pilot waste their money and time flying actual airplane and struggling to understand radio communication. Trainee pilot who is not proficient at radio communication get stressed during flight training and make mistakes and that causes more hours of training and waste of money. We encourage students to do aviation communication course before they start flight training.


Our Courses

Contact us, If you are going to USA to do flight training.
We can prepare you for FAA Private pilot, instrument and commercial pilot written exams in INDIA. This way when you come to USA you can give your FAA written exams on your arrival and do not have to attend ground school in USA, that saves time and money.

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